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We are looking for excellent people to join us in disrupting the way in which we construct

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Central Barcelona office
  • Free coffee and snacks
  • Weekly coaching with your manager
  • Choice of computer and phone
  • Flat structure
  • Personal development is nurtured
  • Encouraged to take decisions
  • High energy culture
  • Positive work environment

About us

What we stand for

At Ogun, we know the construction industry.  We got our start when a team of engineers, architects and designers decided that enough was enough.  Technology has made project management easier than ever before, and it was time for the construction industry to catch up.

We have experienced the industry's struggles:  too many phone calls and emails, too much time wasted on last-minute changes on-site.  We are tired of them, too.

So we created Ogun: a place for construction companies to manage projects with ease and for suppliers to manage orders.  We started with a simple design - a Gantt chart to manage all project details.  Then we added a way for suppliers to showcase their products.  In the end, we created a beautiful, user-friendly tool to disrupt an industry.

Design Plan Ogun Construct.